Rental Income Tax Returns

If you are an Irish landlord or live abroad and rent a property in Ireland, and receive income from these properties, then you must file a rental income tax return every year. Whether you are renting a residential property or holiday home, you must declare all properties that you rent with Revenue and file a tax return related to any income earned from those rental properties. As with all tax returns, there are several different classifications you need to take into consideration based on where you or your rental property is located.  

Luckily, our experts at Tax Return Plus cover everything you need to know in order to properly file rental income tax returns.  From non-resident landlords to allowable deductions, these handy articles will help you understand all things related to rental income tax returns.

What tax relief can I claim as a landlord?

If you are a landlord with property in Ireland, you must declare any rental income to the Revenue Commissioners. Regardless of your earnings, tax rate band, country of residence ...

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Rental Income Tax Returns: Most Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions on rental income tax returns:  If you own Irish rental property, you know that filing and paying your rental income tax is ...

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Non Resident Landlord: Guide to Irish Tax Returns

Guide to Irish Rental Income Tax Returns for Non-Resident Landlords:  If you own rental property in Ireland but are not currently living in the country, you are considered a ...

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Tax on Rental Income – A Guide for Landlords

If you’re a landlord in Ireland, you must file income tax returns. Tax Return Plus takes the stress away by helping landlords with their self-assessment and filing an ...

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Guide to Income Tax Return Ireland – Form 11

It can be difficult to determine your tax liabilities as a landlord. This blog covers everything you should know about your tax liabilities & form 11.

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What Tax Relief is Available Under the Home Renovation Incentive?

All landlords have a legal duty to make sure their properties meet certain minimum physical standards. These standards were originally set back in 2008, but have since been updated, and ...

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Rental Income Tax Returns: Beginners Guide

If you are a new landlord, you might be wondering about your tax liabilities on the rental income you receive. In this article, we run through everything you need ...

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10 Expenses landlords can claim on their 2020 Irish tax return

If you receive any rental income from residential or commercial property in Ireland, you must declare this income to the Revenue Commissioners by filing an Income Tax return. While ...

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5 Things To Note When Filing a Rental Income Tax Return

If you receive income from rental properties or from renting out holiday homes, then you must declare these properties to Revenue. You will also need to file a rental ...

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