Tax returns for freelancers, consultants
& contractors

We help Freelancers, Consultants and Contractors all over Ireland to complete their income tax return and to minimise their tax bill.

Our customers include Copywriters, Language Translators, Web Developers, Film Producers, Graphic Designers and many more.

Whether you're a part-time or full time Freelancer, we have you covered.

A Guide to Income Tax Returns for Freelancers, Consultants & Contractors

Whether you’re a full time or part time freelancer you are required to file a tax return. At Tax Return Plus we’ve helped Freelancers, Consultants and Contractors across a wide range of professions to file their tax returns, including:

  • Copywriting
  • Transcribing
  • Language Translating
  • Entertainment
  • Film Production
  • Costume Design
  • Business Consulting
  • Independent Contracting
  • Event Management
  • Clinical Technician
  • Tour Guides
  • Web Development
  • Web Design
  • Marketing
  • Graphic Designer
  • And many more… 

What expenses can I write off?

There are many “Allowable Deductions” which can be offset against your income. Our accountants uncover and advise what you can claim for and file your tax return for a low fee starting at just €299 (incl. VAT)​. In general, you can claim deductions for these common freelance or contractor expenses:

  • Accountancy Fees

    Fees you encounter for engaging the service of a professional accountant or tax advisor are deductible expenses. For example, if you engage Tax Return Plus to file your tax return, this is an allowable expense.

  • Materials

    If you’ve had to purchase any materials related to the work you are completing, this is tax deductible. This even covers specialised work clothes e.g. protective clothing.

  • Phone Bills

    Freelancers often need to use their personal phone on certain jobs. The percentage that your mobile phone is used to complete your job is tax deductible. As part of our service, we help identify that percentage.

  • Motor Expenses

    If you need to use your car or van for business purposes, tax relief can be claimed on the running expenses. Motor expenses traveling to and from your home to the office are not deductible – only expenses that relate to traveling between different jobs. This can include costs such as motor tax, insurance, servicing and repairs.

  • Insurance Costs

    If you have paid insurance premiums against fire and public liability, these are costs that are eligible for tax relief. If you have a business premises and contents, this insurance premium is also deductible.

  • Work Space

    Renting out vital space is an allowable expense. Included in this are utility bills such as heating, lighting, telephone and internet expenses. If you work from home, these expenses are still allowable to the extent of the business use only.

  • Prior Year Losses

    Losses incurred in previous years can be used to offset the current year profits.  However, the losses incurred must be declared to the Revenue Commissioners and ring-fenced.

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They send gentle reminders to make sure I never miss the annual deadline, and the process is so simple that I really have nothing to worry about.
- Terry Bradley, Freelance Web Developer, Co.Kerry
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