Self Employed Tax Returns

If you are self-employed in Ireland, you must file an Irish tax return every year. It can be difficult to know the circumstances under which the law stipulates that you need to file your own tax return. It is vital to ensure that you are paying the amount of tax required by law at the right time. It’s also important you don’t end up paying too much tax or too little tax.

With over 20 years professional experience in the area of Irish tax returns, our team at Tax Return Plus know the Irish tax system inside out. To ensure you file your tax correctly, our experts have answered all of your questions on filing income tax returns in Ireland. Use this blog as your hub for all topics related to Irish income tax returns.

What is Preliminary Tax and Why is it So Important?

If you have an income tax return to complete, then preparation for preliminary tax is essential. It’s important because you must pay it in advance of the following ...

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