Re-branded Tax Return Plus Service Simplifies Tax Returns | Press Release

Specialist tax advisors, the MB Tax Refunds Group, is rebranding its Self Employed income tax return business under the name Tax Return Plus. The service, accessed through a new, redesigned website, is available to small business owners, self-employed individuals or those who earn a supplementary income and are required to file an income tax return in Ireland. A simple, online quotation and authorisation facility provides easy access to experienced accountants without the complication or expense of dealing with a traditional accountant.

Cost-effective access to professional accountants

In its new guise, Tax Return Plus represents a low cost and stress-free option for people who are self-employed, contract workers, freelancers, or those who earn a supplementary income such as landlords and AirBnB hosts.

Director of the MB Tax Refunds Group, Martin Brennan, devised the service to help people who are obliged to file a tax return, but do not need, or cannot afford, a traditional accountant. He realised that although anyone can file their own tax return, the process is lengthy and complicated for those who don’t deal with taxes regularly, often leading to over or incorrect payments. Tax Return Plus therefore provides cost-effective access to professional accountants who will correctly file the return on customers’ behalf.

Martin Brennan explained: “There are over 300,000 people in Ireland are self-employed or earn a supplementary income, by renting a property for example. Many require help to file an income tax return, but don’t want to engage a traditional accountant as the cost is excessive. We offer them a simple, low-cost way to file their tax return, with fees starting from €199 (VAT incl.). Furthermore, our tax specialists have over 20 years’ experience, so we can often minimise the liability customers need to pay.”

Thanks to its online quotation facility, Tax Return Plus enables users to establish in advance the total fee they will pay. The first of its kind in Ireland, this service eliminates the unknown expense of dealing with traditional accountants that charge an hourly rate.

Online authorisation

In addition to online quotations, Tax Return Plus features an online tax authorisation process for a swifter service. A tax specialist is available to all customers within 24 hours of an enquiry.

Martin added: “As the only service in Ireland offering online quotations and tax authorisation, we not only minimise costs, but make the process quicker and easier too. Furthermore, our accountants are accessible throughout the year, not just when customers submit their annual tax return. If clients have tax queries at any point, our accountants will respond within 24 hours.

How It Works

After submitting initial details online, customers receive a quote from an experienced accountant. Once the fee is agreed, a short online authorisation form enables clients to appoint Tax Return Plus as their tax agent.

A Tax Return Plus accountant then works closely with customers to gather all the correct information and complete the income tax return on their behalf.

Once complete, Tax Return Plus files the return with the Revenue Commissioners, who will confirm the customers’ tax position directly with them, so they can pay their tax liability or receive their tax refund.

About Tax Return Plus

Tax Return Plus is part of the MB Tax Refunds Group, a team of specialist tax advisors and qualified accountants based in Co. Kildare, Ireland. The MB Tax Refunds Group is a 2018 winner of the SFA National Small Business Awards. Also part of the Group is Irish Tax Rebates, a simple, fast, secure service to help customers claim back any overpaid PAYE tax they may be entitled to.

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