Non-Resident Landlord Collection Agents

Non-Resident Landlord Collection Agents

A Non-Resident Landlord is someone who owns a rental property in the Republic of Ireland but is currently living abroad. All non-resident landlords must declare any Irish rental property to the Revenue Commissioners. 

So, are you a non resident landlord that needs your rental income collected? Let’s discuss your options. 


Collection Options for Your Rental Property in Ireland

Non Resident Landlords must select one of the following options for managing tax on their Irish rental property:

  • Appoint a Collection Agent
  • Tenant Tax Withholding

If either of these options is not in place, you cannot file your Income Tax Return.


1. Tenant Tax Withholding

If you choose to have your tenants manage the tax on your rental property, they need to arrange to pay 20% of the monthly rent to the Revenue Commissioners. This is not an ideal option, as it places the administrative burden on the tenant to pay your tax liabilities.


2. Appoint a Collection Agent

What is a Collection Agent in Ireland?

A Collection Agent can be anyone from a trusted friend or relative to a third party based in Ireland. Most people prefer not to place the burden of managing their rental property tax on a friend or relative. Typically, non-resident landlords turn to a third-party agent based in Ireland.

A Collection Agent is appointed by you, the landlord. The Collection Agency’s responsibility is to allocate funds to Revenue to meet your ongoing tax liabilities. To do this, the agent must be a resident of Ireland and have registered a new tax number.  Your rental tax returns  will be filed under this number with Revenue.

Tax Return Plus is now offering a tailored solution for Non-Resident landlords that allows you to assign us as your Collection Agent.


Using Tax Return Plus™ Collection Agency

We understand the Collection Agency rules, and we’ve designed a solution for Non-Resident Landlords. 


How it Works with us as your Collection Agent: 

  1. We provide you with a document that appoints Tax Return Plus as your Collections Agency. A new specific Collections Agency PPS Number is then generated for this purpose. 
  2. You will still receive 100% of the rental income directly from the tenant or letting agent. Meanwhile, Tax Return Plus monitors your taxes to ensure they are paid in full and on time.
  3. Our fee for the provision of the Collection Agent service is as follows:
  • There is a once off administration  fee of €75.00 for initial setup of the Collection Agent service. 
  •  €150 per year for one property in addition to our tax agent fee of €299. 
  • If two separate returns are required (joint owners of a single property) the fee is €698.  
  1. We cannot act as the Collection Agent unless we also act as the tax agent.  This allows Tax Return Plus to have oversight of taxes paid.
  2. Both the tax agent fee and the Collections Agent fee are tax-deductible against your Rental Income. This is payable when Tax Return Plus is filing your Income Tax Return.


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